Mechanical Projects Outsourcing

MPO b.v. is a dynamic company that specializes in directing the purchase of in particular complete machines, subassemblies and mechanical parts for trading companies that purchase and sell, but that do not have the people and/or resources available to organize or direct.

MPO takes over the entire purchasing process - analysis, engineering, purchasing process, production, transport, storage, finishing and delivery - from these companies. MPO works together with qualified partners at home and abroad. MPO fulfils the role of director who directs and guides, coordinates and controls the entire procurement process.



The first step is to explore/analyze what the client desires and to see if this fits MPO possibilities.


MPO takes care of the elaboration of the technical specifications so that they are understood by the selected suppliers in India, China, Romania and Taiwan.

Purchasing Process

When the selected suppliers have a clear understanding of what is expected, an estimate is made based on specifications, numbers and other requirements.


When the offer is approved, a prototype is usually first made for assessment. If this is approved, production is started.


MPO takes care of the transport to the Netherlands including all paperwork, customs formalities and import duties. After clearance, products are delivered and stored in the MPO warehouse.


After receipt of goods at MPO warehouse, they are delivered after (final) inspection to the customer or stored in our warehouse. Depending on the size of the products with transport, the products are fully or partially assembled on location supplier abroad. The rest takes place at MPO in the Netherlands.

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